Golf Members & Guests A-Z Booklet

In this "Golf Members & Guests A-Z Booklet", we have tried to collect all relevant information, in order to make your experience more pleasant. We have tried to be as accurate as possible but information provided may be subject to change from time to time

The Academy has an up to date driving range in the Miraflores Sports Village with 25 bays and 3 male professionals and 1 female professional Thomas (Spanish) – Steve (British) – Tomas Snr (Spanish French) – Simone (German). The village also has a Golf Shop, Hair and Beauty Salon, Personal Training Center and Sports Massage. All subject to a 10% discount to members.

AGM - Annual General Meeting
The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is normally held once a year in March. The meeting is open to Shareholders only who will receive an email informing them that all the information along with proxy papers are available under documents in the members section of the website.

Blue Flag
A "Blue Flag" on a Buggy indicates that you are allowed to drive on the fairways (Weather Permitting) with the Buggy staying to the rough where possible. Players can obtain a Blue Flag from the Caddy Master,


Blue Flags may be available to all in summer when the temperatures are high.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors may consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 members. Currently there are 5 Directors who are elected by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting, which is held annually in March. Each director is elected for a maximum of 5 years.  Following the AGM the directors meet and elect a President.

The current Board members are:

  • Eamon Murphy, President

  • Eamon Murphy, Finance

  • Janet Goodman, Course

  • Peter Bundgaard, Marketing & Communication

  • Graham Ford, House & Special Projects

  • Miguel Gallart, Club Administrator

Electric buggies are available for members and guests. With a Blue Flag you are allowed to drive on the Fairways (Weather Permitting).

Buggy Voucher
There is a Buggy Voucher Programme in place for members:

  1. At the time of paying the maintenance fee and for the rest of the year 2020, only members can purchase 30 buggy vouchers at a cost of 225 € which are valid for 12 months. The vouchers may be used by one other designated person, nominated at the time of the purchase. The cost on any additional buggy vouchers would be as indicated below.

  2. With the same conditions stated in the precedent paragraph, members can purchase 50 buggy vouchers at a cost of 400 €. Please note that choosing this option excludes the possibility of choosing the 30 buggy voucher option and the other way around, so when paying the fee you should decide whether to choose the 30 buggy voucher option or the 50 buggy voucher option or none.

  3. Members may purchase 25 buggy vouchers for 288 € or 10 vouchers for 140 €. When purchasing the vouchers the member may nominate one other member to use the vouchers. These vouchers must be used within two years from the purchase date and are not transferable.

  4. The current cost of renting a buggy at any time of the year by a member will be 22 €.

Caddy Masters Office
We have a professional team consisting of caddy masters, Francisco and Jose, who are ably supported by Sally, Gustavo and Raphael.  Our team members are very happy to help in any way they can and are all bi-lingual.

Captains 2020/2021 are:

  • Norman Born, Club Captain

  • Rob Marshall, Vice Captain

  • Bernie Murphy, Lady Captain

  • Sue Marshall, Lady Vice Captain

The Captains phone and email details are displayed on the main notice board and in the Caddy Masters Office.

Changing Room
Changing rooms with toilet and showering facilities are available for the Ladies in the Caddy Masters Office block next to the locker room and for the Men on the side of the Clubhouse. Towels are available with a 5€ deposit from the Caddy Masters office. Whilst every effort is made to ensure they are secure, items are left at the owner’s risk. Lockers are being installed to store your valuables whilst in the shower.

Nothing should be left in the changing rooms overnight as they are cleared out at the end of each day.

The access number is available from the Caddy Masters Office.

The Clubhouse has a first floor Restaurant catering for 120 covers with dance floor and is available for private functions, Community AGM’s etc. 
There are two further additional meeting rooms on the upper level.

There is a large outdoor spikes bar terrace and indoor spikes Bistro. All lower area facilities have wheelchair access (a lift to the 1st floor restaurant will be installed mid 2019).

Attached to the Caddy Masters office block is a Locker Room with lockers large enough to store golf clubs and trolleys, lockers with battery charging facilities are also available. Members should contact the Caddy Master to arrange locker rental. 

Other facilities include outdoor practice nets, a practice putting green, a chipping area and a pro shop with lockers for storing valuables whilst on the course.

Club Matches
There are 5 different types of Club matches against other Clubs on the Costa del Sol 3 for Men and 2 for Ladies


  • Men’s Senior Liga - Captain,  Andrew Mitchell

  • Ladies Senior Liga - Captain, Arlene Attack

  • Mens Interclub - Captain, TBA

  • Ladies Interclub - Captain, Sue Marshall

  • Los Bandidos - Captain, Peter Shelton

  • Summer Mixed Interclub - Captain, Alexander Walsoe

Committee Members
Committees are in place to ensure the smooth running of the Club and representing all members in decisions etc. Any member wishing to make a comment, suggestion or complaint may do so by using the form provided in the Caddy Masters Office or by letter directed to the relevant committee or the Board. This will be brought to the next monthly meeting for discussion/action.

There are six committees covering the various functions of the Club, they are made up of members, some include one or two Board Members and the Club Administrator.


The current committee members are:


Finance Committee:

  • Flemming Lykke Hansen, Chair

  • Eamon Murphy

  • Miguel Gallart

Course Committee:

  • Jan Goodman, Chair

  • Bryn Evans

  • Merv Richardson

  • Arlene Attack

  • John Causer

  • John Lawson

  • Joe Matthews

  • Miguel Gallart

  • Isabel Gil

Rules and Handicaps Committee: 

  • Arlene Atteck, Chair

  • Myron Tibbs, Joint Chair

  • Jules Ford, Joint Chair

  • Jan Goodman

  • Jean Wilson

  • Steve Mills

  • Steve Parker


Competitions Committee:

  • Norman Born, Club Captain

  • Bernie Murphy, Lady Captain

  • John Lawson, Competition Secretary

Captains Committee:

  • Norman Born, Club Captain, Chair

  • Bernie Murphy, Lady Captain

  • Rob Marshall, Mens Vice Captains

  • Sue Marshall, Lady Vice Captain

  • Arlene Attack, Chair Rules and Handicap

  • Janet Goodman, Chair Course Committee

  • John Lawson, Competition Secretary

  • Miguel Gallart, Club Administrator

  • Francisco Munoz, Caddy Master

  • Eamon Murphy, President  


House and Garden Committee

  • Graham Ford, Chair

  • Peter Shelton

  • Roger Theodorsen


Marketing Committee

  • Peter Bundgaard, Chair

  • Jules Ford

  • Sarah Shelton


The Club runs a full calendar of competitions for members and guests. Entry to competitions varies, if the competition is a board, major or a draw you should enter your name on the sheets available on the Competition Notice Board in the Foyer of the Clubhouse. All other competition tee times are booked with the Caddy Master with the exception of Moonlighters which you book for the following week at the Caddy Masters desk prior to playing. Tee times for certain competitions will be posted on the website. 

An online booking system for competitions and start times is in planning.

Weekly formal Club competitions open to all members are as follows:

Tuesday  - Mens' Day

Competitions played in members tee times and open to all male members with a Spanish Federation handicap. Guests of members are able to play with the member but they will be playing in a separate competition for Guests 

Wednesdays - Ladies Day

Open to all lady members with a Spanish Federation handicap played in member’s tee times. All Ladies competitions are drawn out a weekly entry sheet is posted on the Ladies Competition board and taken down on Saturday’s. The draws are posted on the Ladies Competition board and website on Sundays.

Guests of members are able to play with the member but will be playing in a separate competition for Guests.

Ladies competitions run all year round.  An Eclectic competition is run from October to May and a Summer Eclectic through July and August. 

Thursdays - Moonlighters

 A nine hole Texas Scramble is held every Thursday in the late afternoon/early evening, where all members and guests of any handicap are welcome, booking is by contacting the organizer, entering names on a sheet on the Caddy Masters desk prior to playing or later when the sheet is posted on the Moonlighters notice board or contacting the organizer.

The event is a very social occasion where a lot of new friends can be made.

The competition is followed by prize-giving and a meal (optional) is served on the Spikes Bar Terrace or in the Lounge. 


The Saturday main Golf Program runs from September to May with competitions being held on most Saturdays in a variety of different formats. There are Competitions every Saturday all through the Summer.

Details of each competition and how to enter are posted on the information board, the website or check with the Caddy Master.

Competition fees
Competitions have a competition fee which must be paid to the Caddy Master prior to playing, competition fees pay for the various prizes. There is no entry fee for some Sponsored Competitions as the sponsor pays for the prizes.


Course Rating
You can find the Course Rating Slope Handicap System on the website, notice board or on the Caddy Masters desk.


Please replace divots where possible. Alternatively fill the divot hole with sand and seed mix. Buggies are equipped with sand bottles, small bags of sand for players who are walking which can be attached to trolleys are available on the first tee. From time to time we have divot parties made up from the members who spend a couple of hours walking the course filling in divots left unrepaired.


Dress Code
Players and visitors are expected to wear smart casual dress at all times, preferably shirts with collars, dress shorts or smart trousers/slacks. Golf shoes should have soft spikes – no metal spikes.


Driving Range
The driving range is located near the 2nd tee on Calle Esmeralda on the way to the golf club. There are 25 bays available you can find more information about facilities, lessons etc here:

All players are asked to observe golf etiquette and to obey the rules of golf so that everyone on the course may enjoy their game. Here are some important things to remember:


  • No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.

  • No player should play until the players in front are out of range.

  • In the interest of all, players should play without delay.

  • Play ‘ready golf’; make your club selection whilst your playing partners are hitting. If you can take your practice swings without disturbing your partners whilst they are hitting – do so. If you can line up your putt whilst playing partners are playing – do so. Don’t wait until it is your turn before you start thinking about your shot!

  • Slow Play: Slow moving players should call faster moving players through. The lowest handicapped player is captain of any formation and is responsible for maintaining etiquette, procedure and speed of other players.

  • Calling through: If you have lost a ball, or are for any other reason are unable to maintain your place in the field, call the players behind you through. This is their right and should always be voluntarily and cheerfully given. A group playing a whole round is entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round. The term ‘group’ includes a single player.

  • When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.

  • Cards should be marked at the next tee.

  • All players are requested to carry a sand bag and to fill in divots.

A number of social events are held every week. You can find details on the Information notice board and on the Restaurant Website :


Events are also posted on two Facebook pages Miraflores Golf Club Members Official Facebook Page and Miraflores Golf Restaurant.

Governance of the Club. The Clubhouse, the Course and the Driving Range are all owned by Golf de la Riviera S.A. which is a mercantile company, owned by the members. 


Green Fees
Green fee rates are available on the website or at the Caddy Masters office. Fees vary depending on the season. Members guests receive a 20% discount on green fees.

Green Keepers
The names and photos of the Green Keeping Staff are on the information board.


Guests of members are able to play in members times but they will be playing in a separate competition for Guests. Members can invite up to one guest to play in morning members times and 3 guests in afternoon members times or at any time on Sundays. Guests of members receive a 20% discount on the actual green fee of the day.


Members wishing to play in Club Competitions with the exception of some specific social events must be registered with the “Real Federación Andaluza de Golf” who are responsible for the Golf Handicapping System.

Four qualifying cards are required before players are allowed to enter major competitions.

The maximum handicap for men is 36 and for women it is 45.


Hole in One insurance
Open to members is a hole in one insurance at a cost of 5€. For full details refer to the information board or contact Norman Born who is currently responsible for organizing the administration.

Information Board
The Information Board is located in the lobby of the Club House. Here you can find useful information. Please take time to read them as they provide lots of information e.g. competitions, rules, upcoming events, handicaps, events at other clubs, news about social activities etc.


Local Rules
Local rules can found here:


Membership in the Club is via the purchase of a share through "Golf de la Riviera S.A" a Mercantile Company owned by the members. Special share offers may become available at various times of the year- see Special Share Offer on the website or contact the Caddy Master.

  • The annual full maintenance fees are agreed by the Board of Directors in November each year. 

  • The basic maintenance fee is currently 900€ plus each round the member pays 50% of the advertised green fee rate.

  • Monthly memberships are available depending on the time of year.

You can find more information about memberships in the members section of the website

Members will receive a membership chip card, which is used to open the door to the locker room also purchasing food and drinks by using the card you are entitled to a 10% discount. This also applies to purchases in the Caddy Masters.


Members Lockers
Large lockers for golf equipment are available for members to rent. A locker will take either 2 bags or one bag and one foldable trolley. For the upper lockers we have a lift if need help to put your bag in the locker. If you have an e-trolley, you can rent a small locker with an electricity plug.


The current rates are:

  • Large locker (2 bags): 350 Euro deposit and 80 Euro per year

  • Small locker for battery: 80 Euro for unlimited time during the membership.


Items stored in members lockers are covered by insurance, in the event of theft but there is a limit of 1,800€ that can be claimed. As golf equipment is very expensive, members may wish to insure their clubs etc privately, and our insurance agent Danny Worth (Tel. N°: 952 882 273) offers an annual premium from 70€ -100€.


Members privileges

  • Members can play unlimited golf depending on tee-time availability.

  • Members times are reserved from 08:30- 09:50 and another slot around mid-day depending upon the season (13:40-15:00) – Please find more details on the information board

  • Members are issued with a swipe card (photo required) which entitles members to 10 % discount in the bar &restaurant.

  • Members are entitled to a discount on equipment & items bought in the pro-shop; a further discount is applied for members' guests.

  • Parties & social functions can be arranged in the restaurant.

  • Members can play in the club competitions/championship and be eligible for prizes we have a comprehensive golf calendar of events.

  • Miraflores Golf Club have a Mens and Ladies team in the Spanish Senior Liga and Interclub matches. The Mens section also have a team in the Los Bandidos League which is for higher handicaps. Each team has a designated Team Captain who organizes the matches throughout the season.

  • There are three weekly 18 hole competitions: Men’s (Tuesdays), Ladies (Wednesdays), Members (Saturdays) and a 9 holes competition (Moonlighters on Thursdays)

  • We have a locker storage facility for members clubs/trolleys

  • We have a 28 bay covered floodlit/driving range/academy facility for practice & tuition with PGA professionals for individual or group lessons.


Mobile Phones
Mobile phones, if carried on the course, should be switched to silent and only used for an emergency.

Please remember, that small safety boxes are available in Caddy Masters office.


New members Incentive Scheme
The Club has a  "New Members Incentive Scheme" if you introduce a new member there is a financial reward. Please check with the notice board or the office for the rules regulating the scheme.


Opening Times
The Caddy Masters office opens every day 08.00 until 19.00 this may vary dependent on the season and weather conditions.

Members/Guests/Visitors are requested to park their car in the parking lots provided either behind the Caddy Masters office, or on the road in front of the club house. If all parking lots on the road are occupied, the extra parking space beside the practice putting green will be open.
Please respect the parking lots reserved for handicapped persons.


Pitch Marks (How to repair)
Take your pitch repairer (or a tee) and insert the prongs into the turf at the rim of the depression, rather than the depression itself. Using a gentle, twisting motion, push the edge of the mark towards the center. Flatten by gently tapping the surface using your foot or the sole of your putter. A pitch mark repaired within 10 minutes will fully recover within three days. A badly repaired or unrepaired one will take over a week to recover.

Practice nets
There are two practice nets which are available to players for warm up prior to playing. Please do not use them for extended practice.

Practice putting green
The practice putting green is located in front of the Caddy Masters Office. Chipping onto the putting green is not allowed. Please use the chipping green provided situated between the putting green and the practice nets.


Pro Shop
The Pro Shop is located in the Caddy Masters office and is open daily from 08.00 until 19.00. The shop stocks all your golf essentials and a range of clothing and accessories. Rental clubs are available for 22 € per round.

The Restaurant is offering lovely food, friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere for golfers and non-golfers and is open 365 days a year (Monday - Saturday 08:00 – 23:00, Sunday 09:00 – 20:00).
The Restaurant has its’ own website where you can find many more details:

We are playing according to the official R&A rules. You can find them here:


Safes for valuables
Small safes are available for your valuables, phones, keys etc. in the Caddy Masters office. You will need a returnable Euro coin to use them.


Safety & Accidents
Safety on the course is paramount. Members are responsible for ensuring that the area of the course they are about to play to is clear of other course users (both members/guests/visitors and green keeping staff). Contact the Caddy Master in the event of an accident or persons taken ill on the course. First aid kits and a defibrillator with appointed persons are available.


Score cards
All players entering a competition must pay the competition fee and complete a score card. On the score card you should check it includes your name, your share number, your handicap and the date. Prior to commencing play you must exchange your card with another competitor.

At the completion of each hole you must note in a Medal Competition the number of shots taken on that hole and in a Stableford Competition the number of shots taken and the number of points. Enter your own scores in the Marker column.

On completion of the round you and your playing partner must check that the scores on both cards are correct, then both sign each card in the appropriate place and hand the cards in either via the Competition box, Caddy Master or a person from Rules and Handicaps designated for that particular competition.


The seasons are as follows:


  • Low Season
    1st June – 15th September


  • High Season
    16th September – 30th November

  • Mid Season
    1st December – 15th February

  • High Season
    16th February – 31st May

Slow Play
Slow play irritates everyone on the golf course. Players should be aware at all times of their position on the golf course. It is their responsibility to maintain their position on the course and avoid undue delays. Any group that has lost a complete hole on the group ahead of them should call faster groups through. Marshall's will ask you politely to speed up and if you lose two holes they may ask you to skip one hole. Members searching for a ball, unless found almost immediately, should allow the following groups to play up. They should not wait until the ball has been declared lost (3 minutes) to signal to the group behind.

Play should not continue until it is safe to do so.


Special Share Offer for New Members
Miraflores Golf Club is the only members' golf club between Malaga and Marbella and has a limited number of shares for sale details of current offers are available on the website or in the Caddy Masters office.


Share Ownership includes:

  • Immediate membership

  • All associated joining and legal fees

  • Unlimited golf

  • Organised competitions and social golf

  • Excellent restaurant with members discounts

  • Payments by installments possible


Shareholders become part-owners of the golf club, there are currently nineteen nationalities within the lively membership. Facilities include the Golf Academy with its bar and restaurant, Pro-Shop, Locker facilities, a large terraced Spikes Bar and a superb Restaurant, which has entertainment for dancing three nights a week. Members' discounts apply for guest green fees, golf equipment, buggies, the bar and restaurant. Members' allocated times give plenty of opportunity for members to play.

Weekly Club Competitions are Mens Day Tuesdays, Ladies Day Wednesday, Moonlighters Texas Scramble Thursdays and a variety of Competitions on Saturdays. There are Mens and Ladies Seniors League matches and friendly Interclub matches. For more information, please contact the administration office on Tel: 952 931 960 (Ext. 1) or come along and visit the club.


Start Times
Members can book starting times in Caddy Masters office or by phone. Guests can book via the online booking system. An online booking system for members is in planning.


Suggestion Box
If you have any ideas that you feel would benefit the Club or concerns you would like to bring to the Clubs attention? We are very keen to hear about them, just complete one of the forms available from the Caddy Masters office and place it in the Suggestion Box located outside the office door. Please note your ideas or concerns may cover any part of the Club and will be dealt with at the next relevant committee or Board Meeting all forms must be completed correctly. We look forward to hearing from you.


Swipe Cards
All members receive a swipe card in their joining pack (contact the Caddy Master if you do not have one). Simply put credit on the card, either at the bar or at the Caddy Masters Office and each time you buy food or drink with it you will receive a 10% discount. If you have a problem with your card at any time contact the Caddy Master


Theft on the golf course
There are thefts from golf bags on Miraflores Golf course from time to time as with most golf courses on the Costa del Sol and throughout the world.


NEVER leave valuables in your golf bag especially car keys either keep them on your person or use the safety boxes provided free of charge in the Caddy Masters Office please use them. Keep your buggy within sight wherever possible.


Tee Boxes
During none competition play, men tee off from the yellow blocks and ladies from the red blocks. In competitions men tee off from the white blocks and ladies from the blue blocks.


Pull trolleys are available for a rental of 5€ per round.


Twilight times
Guests can receive a reduced green fee rate after certain times dependent on the time of year.

Please see the current rate on the web site or contact the Caddy Master.


The Club website is available at

In the members section the website has all relevant documents, minutes from meetings and information about competitions and matches. Login details are available from the Caddy Master.


Winter rules
Under Winter Rules, a ball coming to rest on close mown areas may be lifted, cleaned and placed within six inches (150mm) of where it originally lay, no nearer the hole.

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