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Miraflores Golf Course Review and Playing Guide by Stuart Leary


Miraflores Golf always gives you 2 choices – the safe conservative option play to your ball safely in the fairway perhaps to the corner of the dog leg and then have a manageable shot on the green or throw caution to the wind and take the tiger line. If you hit a good one you set yourself up for a birdie. If you hit a poor one you might not be able to scramble a bogey!

Remember this is not a long golf course, neither is it narrow. It offers generous greens. Falco Nardi has cleverly hidden the greens to force long hitters to summon an exceptional shot in order to capitalise and equally to reward those that play the percentage game

Miraflores is a delightful members course that will entertain golfers of all abilities. It meets its design brief perfectly. Miraflores Golf does not pretend to aspire to be a championship layout. It is meant to be urban golf course that brings pleasure to its members and guests – which it does perfectly.

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